Gemanja Red Rose of the Autumm Sun
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Britt is a daughter of Los.
Because Los is the second matriarch we named Britt after the first matriarch of our kennel Zinzi (Gemanja Zarena)

Britt is a very easy dog, loves people, loves to lie beside you. In general she loves everything.
She's a very young dog, our youngest, loves playing and messing around and is very naughty, a normal dog in every way.
She's very close with Zublime and they love to play with each other and Britt and Zublime can play very rough.

She loves strolling through to woods but stays close to you, waiting for Zublime and Los coming out of the bushes and then following them again until they go too far then she comes back to you.

She loves to eat, does everything for a treat and regularly checks out the kitchen counter if there is something to steal (is of course not allowed!)
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