Every Little Kiss of the Autumm Sun
05-10-2009 --- 20-11-2015
Donja was only 5 years old when she died from complications from an intestinal infection.
Very sudden...
Donja who lived with Chantal, Renee, Kirsten and Anouk, together with Kiley.
Donja who got a very nice litter at our place and who was very special to us.
Donja who we will never forget, who we will miss dearly.
Below I tried to tanslate a poem writen by Chantal:
Sweet Donja,
I have to bury you, my tears fall on your coat.
You are still warm, but your eyes are closed.
Your coat shiny and soft.
Once more my hand caresses your body, like I have done so many times.
Everything from your live flashes before my eyes.
Your body is lying limp in my hands and convinces me of your dead.
Goodbye sweet Donja, we all will miss you dearly.
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